Ioan Morris is an artist and musician based in the Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales. 

Recent clients include BBC Studios, Expectation Entertainment for ITV, Big Finish Productions and Confédération Européenne de Volleyball.

As a musical artist, he has collaborated with Goodparley for Surroundings, an ambient electronic record released by Subexotic Records in November 2021. He also composed an "imagined soundtrack" for The Magician's Nephew, initially released by Bibliotapes, which was discussed in a recent article in The Guardian.

Ioan was the Concept Designer for a pair of animated Doctor Who stories - Galaxy 4, which was released in late 2021, and The Abominable Snowmen, which is due for release in 2022. 

His most recent comic series, Biggol, was published by CPE Books. It was listed on Pipedream Comics' Best of 2020 list and won the Broken Frontier Award for Best New Periodical Series.